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DREMZZ is a Decentralized Freelancer Platform, which allows people from all around the globe to hire skilled workers and allows talented people to make a living out of their skills. Our escrow and reputation system allows the highest quality in a decentralized manner, thanks to the use of blockchain technology.

Value Increase 

As the community grows and more people engage, the value of our Dremzz Tokens will increase, ultimately rewarding every user.

No Commission 

By transacting the Dremzz token no commissions are paid. Only a small fee on the Ethereum Network to process the transaction.

Privacy & Trust

Our escrow and reputation system allows the highest trust on the blockchain. The Dremzz token provides privacy and freedom.

Operation Lead 

Blockchain Lead

Business Lead

Technical Lead

Development Lead

Forefront Solution Lead

Cryptofinance application and solution architect, CEO and Founder of XMR Systems LLC and CTO at Elea Labs AG

Full Stack Marketer at MySaleGroup with extensive work experience at Swarovski and Education First